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Basic Chemical

Importing and marketing chemicals as raw material for using in various industries, i.e. chemical, food & beverage, animal feed, cosmetic, glass & ceramic, household, detergent, cleaning, pulp & paper,...

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Plastics Resin & Machines

With experience over 40 years, we are the leading authorized distributor of Plastics resin and its Derivative products in Thailand. Providing customers a valued products from the top suppliers on Glob...

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Solvents & Specialty

For Solvents, we are the agent of Hydrocarbon Solvents as Toluene, Xylene for SCG CHEMICALS and also actively supply various types of Solvents as Ether, Acetate, Alcohol, Ethylene Glycol and Nonyl Phe...

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Textile & Fine chemical

Import and distribute Dyestuff & Auxiliary chemical for textile business, and provide chemical as raw material for using in various industries , i.e. Household, Cleaning, Cosmetic , Detergent. We also...

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